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Huh? Who's Pienkaito?

Posted by Pienkaito - April 7th, 2018

Hey, guys. Pkmn2 here.

You might be (not) wondering where I have been the few years and let's say I just lived an ordinary human life so far.

I am very sorry for letting the few down, who were expecting something from me. There won't be a next episode for Parallel Memories. It's a thing that was way too ambibious for a simpleton like me.

I do lurk this joint to this today. I just kept myself from the spotlight and focused on surving the cruel reality that is life.

But enough sentimental cheesy-ness.


My sister @maylu joined Newgrounds. I went ahead and helped her in making her an account. She likes to draw (a lot), so you guys would do me a big favour if you check her doodles out.


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Yo Pkmn2! Long time indeed. Good to hear you're still around. :)

Nice, getting the whole family aboard! Will check your sister out...

I understand, life is hellhole of torture and cruel judgement of agony and corruption.

May you live peacefully in your life as much as you can. :)

Will do to check out!

Hi long time no see Pkmn2 or shall we say Pienkaito kun? :DD
I checked your sister's profile she's a good artist and looks promising good for her :)

Try not to die!

Yup, same here. I let my inner zombie do the day to day thing...
Your sis is a damn fine artist, glad she's here!
Sucks to let projects go, however there is some joy and mental health in doing something, having something to produce

I can understand that you've been busy with the cruel world known as life. I'm just glad to see that you're still around newgrounds. Take all the time you need! I will check your sister's page out!

Are you still around dude?

I lurk.

You know, I actually thought about you the other day. Not sure if you remember me, but your work was great. We used to talk at times, too. It goes without saying that Parallel Memories had dumb amounts of potential. Shame you gave up on the series. *I* personally never felt as though it was too ambitious for you, but I respect your decision.

Still, it was good to come back here and relive good memories.

P.S. : I lurk here, too. :B

Oh wow that's yer sis? Followed her a while ago, very talented! Glad you're still around and posting, hope 2020 wasn't... well, more tragic than it was

It took a world-changing event to take me back to NG, but it's nice to see familiar faces.