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My favourite part of the collab.

That me feel better. Great stuff. ;_;

These are pretty entertaining. Good thing, that you're looking for VA.
It's going to be great, I bet.

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Seeing that you made everything, I can say that you have a really solid game going. I do have a hard time seeing the difference between the ordinary attack and break attack and ended up using break constantly since the meter replenishes quickly enough.

The enemy variety and stage layout is well though out and the music fits the tone of the game. The balance between sprites and background is spot on, since I can still identify the main char even in hectic situations.

I'm not exactly sure what each monitor does, since they get distracted by the mayhem, so a short guide would help players.

I can't wait for the full version. The demo is already packed with stages and it's really fun.

PS.: Doesn't work on Firefox. Had to install Chrome for this. lol

NE-O-N responds:

Thank you for the kind words! I recently posted an update that slows dash restoration a bit, so using break attacks may prove to be a bit more challenging.

I may add a monitor guide for the future, but basically the one generates 10 nodes, which immediately heals you. The blue one generates a shield which keeps you from getting damaged. Sparkly one triggers invincibility. And the green power symbol one immediately puts you at 100%.

Best game of 2016. Would play it again.
Hopefully with more characters.

Template88 responds:

We are planning an expansion pack.

All of the level layouts were setup fantastically. Even though there were many recurring objects, it still felt fresh and never stale. The different backgrounds and the few parallax scrolling effects made it appealing to the eye.
Nice choice of sprites. Elevator Action Returns had some nice graphics and I bet no one knows this game anymore.
The music choices were also good and fits the style of the game.

As Typoder mentioned before, if the player jumps over any enemy, they instantly shoot at you. It makes it impossible to dodge that.
Your logo needs some sort of music. I recommend you using this (watch?v=D0ogKoc8LE4)
It's a YouTube link and I suggest using that one sound at 0:10.
Totally fits.

You have a knack for old-school video gaming and I hope you'll keep at it.
I'm actually working on my own stuff, but if you should ever need a sprite artist, here's one for you.

Conclusion: Awesome game; can't wait for the sequel

RyThom responds:

Thanks so much for the nice review! I'm totally going to use that intro sound, haha! That's exactly the sound that's always played in my imagination when the logo appears :D

The trick around jumping over enemies is to not :) Or, if you do, land in a crouch and blast 'em in the kneecaps!

Are you available to help rip some sprites? There are lot of great character models I'd love to pull from Elevator Action 2 for use in GunMission 2!

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And I did like it at the end. Your stuff is outstanding.
I wish more people would finally take notice of your work.

That's really some nice DnB. Really catchy.

NoHost responds:

Right on

It has this Sega Gamegear vibe.
I like it.

cmperry1984 responds:

al of my 8-bit music get made with the wasp plugin for fruity loops studio 10.

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She's real cute. I can agree with that.


Did it eat you at the end?

Yomuchan responds:

She kicked me out. When I sneaked in through the window, she was nowhere to be found.

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