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New Ice Climber game!!!

Posted by Pienkaito - April 2nd, 2010


After all this year, a new Ice Climber game!
Wii-exclusive obviously.

You can play alone or with a friend. New weapons, new enemies and best of all, you can explore the glaciers!

Here's a link and a screenshot to the game:
Nintendo: Ice Climbers (working name)

Ps.: Credits to vortexrikers! Just in case. ;P

New Ice Climber game!!!

Comments (23)

WOW! When it it coming out?

and is it me or do the ice climbers look like they do in brawl? what type of game is it? i hope it's an RPG...

Ice Climber? I think I've heard of that game series through SSBB.

i have a poll on my news post chek it out!

Very funny man.

1 out of 4. X)
We have a winner.

If you guys didn't get it, it's a fail of a April Fool. =P
Why a fail, 'cause it's posted on the 2nd April. *durr*

i fell for it...but i don't EVEN LIKE the ice climber seris... wow that's a fail for me.

i haven't read your comments but nice try. try again next year with a better game. they canceled the ice climber series. by the way. nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.
I wanted to do something better than that, but I kinda forgot about the 1st April.

Oh well, maybe next year.

They only cancelled it because:
1. They couldn't re-texture it, So they stuck to the SSBB Textures.
2. They just wanna finish Pikmin 3 like the certain Pikmin nerds wanted.

They didn't canceled anything. Ice Climbers wasn't a series in the first place.
Ice Climbers has one game and ever since no sequels.

PS.: This is meant to be a April Fool's joke. XB

post april fools!

Yo, yo. Every time I comment here, I've always been gone for while. I just noticed that. ^_^;

Besides Ice Climbers, whassup witchu?

(Trying to) Working on Parallel Memories. >.>;

Ah, I see. And didja make any progress, my friend?

Very little.
But, I must say this.

I thank you so much for supporting and waiting for me. It's an honor for me to have such a fan. ^^

Heh. Think nothing of it. I should be thankin you for your flash subs.

Those 2 Sonic music vids along with the Sonic Collab really rocked. I'm pretty sure that if you get enough time for this, it'll be even greater. So here's hopin that while you're workin on Parallel memories, you don't overload yourself with work and just enjoy life in the process.


Is that available for the Wii or Virtual Console?

dude it's a late april fools. must have taken a while to make the pic. but i fell for it too even though i HATE the ice climber game.

It wouldn't be cool if this game was real....

Why not?

Whoops! Sorry. I said the wrong thing. >_> I was ment to say would! Sorry.

Oh, okay.
Yeah, it would be radical. lol

Nice Brawl dude! *sigh* if only you were here. You'd definitely be ready for the tourneys...

It wasn't really 100% from me, because it was 10 pm or so. =P
You can expect a laggy performance. >_>

Well that's because of lag... and... it being 10pm on your side of the world. XD It was... I think 6pm on my end?

Nevertheless it was a great fight.
What do you think of my friend?
Is he also good?

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